Testimonials from past students and parents.

Maureen Cavanaugh Crane

I am a 1996 graduate of the Amy Tyler School of Dance. The sound technical, musical and creative foundation I received during my time at the studio has allowed dance and dance education to remain at the center of my life for twenty years. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in classical ballet (teaching and choreography) from Mercyhurst University and I currently teach ballet, pre-pointe and pointe at Cleveland Ballet Conservatory (North Royalton, Ohio). My 9-year-old daughter has fallen in love with ballet; being the mom of an aspiring ballerina has only increased my appreciation for the balanced, kinesthetically appropriate training I received as a young dancer. Dance education that prioritizes the physical and emotional health of young dancers as they grow into mature artists is essential. I will always be grateful to Amy, John and the faculty at Amy Tyler School of dance for the lifelong positive impact they made in my life.

Maureen Cavanaugh Crane Intervention Specialist at Lakewood City Schools and Ballet Teacher at Cleveland Ballet Conservatory

Moira Power

I am still so happy that I asked my parents to sign me up for ballet lessons at Amy Tyler School of Dance when I was four years old. I continued dancing at ATSD until graduating high school, and made lifelong friends and countless memories along the way. Once I was in middle and high school, I chose to focus on dance as my main extracurricular activity and spent most of my free time at the dance studio. Being so dedicated to dance this way taught me discipline and time management skills that carried over into my general work ethic in school and even now in my professional career. The dancing technique I developed at ATSD prepared me to go on to become a dance minor at Providence College and a current company dancer for Danceworks Boston. ATSD will always hold a very special place in my heart. It is where I discovered my passion for dance and performing. After a long day at school I would look forward to going to dance, where I could leave my problems at the studio door and express myself and challenge myself with some of my best friends. Learning together, rehearsing together, and performing together creates a really special bond between dancers. My friends and I joke today that we are so close because we grew up in a dance studio together… but it really is true and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am so grateful to Amy and John for all the hard work they put into the studio and for creating this wonderful community that I am lucky to be a part of.

Moira Power Business Analyst, Reinsurance Actuarial at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Julie Sandorfi

Amy Tyler School of Dance provides an excellent foundation in ballet, the key to all dance forms. The staff are attentive and well-qualified, and they provide a comfortable and safe environment for students to learn. Life-long friendships are formed here. Both of my daughters still think of the studio as their second home! At Amy Tyler School of Dance, students don’t just learn A dance; they learn TO dance. The end of year performance is not so much a recital as a full length theatrical show, complete with plot, speaking parts, sets, and props. It’s a real team effort, giving all students a chance to shine. The result is a much fuller and more entertaining experience than a simple on-stage, do your dance, and off!

Julie Sandorfi Director....

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