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Krystina Wendelken

Krystina Wendelken: Ballet, Pointe

Krystina Wendelken is from Long Island, NY. From a very young age, she started training with her mother, Jacqueline Jaramillo in a small school on Long Island. She then was offered a full scholarship to attend the Orlando Ballet School year round program,  under the director of Peter Stark, she trained there for 7 year. By the age of 17 she moved to Carlisle, PA to start training at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet under the direction of Marcia Dale Weary, Leslie Hench, and Laszlo Berdo. Krystina was offered a trainee position with The Washington Ballet under the direction of Septime Webre, she had the opportunity to perform in multiple productions including, corp de ballet of Swan Lake, Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland, and also soloist in Fluctuating Hemlines, State of Wonder, and Carmen. Krystina has been performing and guesting with numerous companies all over NYC. She is currently a company with a Ballet Nepantla based in Brooklyn, New York.